Activity 2: Let's "shoot" and "collaborate"

One of the most commonly used application of the learning device is Photo Booth.
The application allows us to take photos and add effects to it.

For example:

Your Task

Part 1
  • There are a few fruits at the back of the room.
  • Pick choose one that describes your mood/ how you feel today - especially when learning to use the computer :)
  • Take a picture with the fruit.

Another commonly used collaborative application is GooglePresentation where we can have several people contributing our work to the same file at the same time.

Your Task

Part 2
  • You are going to insert the photo into a GooglePresentation.
  • Create a text where you can type a few words to describe your mood/ how you feel today.
  • Click HERE to access the GooglePresentation [Please sign in to your GMail account first]
The presentation:

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